Frequently Asked Questions - Animal Biological Matrices

Can we request specific ages and genders?

Yes, samples may be requested as gender specific or within a certain age range.

Are the non-human primates tested for Herpes B ?

Yes, all non-human primates are Herpes B negative

How do you collect blood samples from your mice, rats, and other rodents?

Blood is collected via sterile cardiocentisis (cardiac puncture) to minimize hemolysis and maintain sterility.

What species and matrices do you offer?

Please refer to the Animal Biological section Blood, Fluid and Tissues for a full listing of our product offerings.

How much blood can you draw from a single animal?

Animal blood draw yields

Species Whole Blood (mL) Plasma/Serum (mL)  
Beagle 80-120 40-60  
Bovine 3000 1000-1500  
Cyno Female 40-50 15-20  
Cyno Male 60-90 25-30  
Guinea Pig 8 3 to 4  
Mouse 1 0.7  
Rabbit 50 25  
Rat 8 3 to 4  
Mouse Tissue Mass (g) Rat Tissue Mass (g)
Male Brain 0.5- 0.6 Male Brain 1.8
Female Brain 0.4- 0.6 Female Brain 1.9
Male Heart 0.1 Male Heart 1
Female Heart 0.07 Female Heart 0.6
Male Kidney (pr.) 0.5 Male Kidney (pr.) 1.7
Female Kidney (pr.) 0.4 Female Kidney (pr.) 1.4
Male Liver 1.4 Male Liver 11.6
Female Liver 2 Female Liver 9.4
Male Lung 0.2- 0.3 Male Lung 1.6
Female Lung 0.09- 0.1 Female Lung 1.6
Male Pancreas 0.2 Male Pancreas 1.7
Female Pancreas 0.2 Female Pancreas 0.7
Male Spleen 0.2 Male Spleen 0.8
Female Spleen 0.2 Female Spleen 0.6

Are your animals naive?

Our animal products are collected from non-medicated and non-immunized animals.

Can you collect matrices or from species not listed on the Animal Biological section Blood, Fluid and Tissues?

Yes, please contact us with your project requirements.