Frequently Asked Questions - Blood Products

Can I specify shipping temperature?

We can ship products on dry ice (-80° C), cold packs (2- 8° C), or at ambient temperature (25°C); depending on your specifications.

Can I order pooled lots and / or individual samples?

We can provide matrices from individual donors or animals, multiple pooled lots, or large pools. The number of individuals in each pool can also be specified.

Can you aliquot our products for us?

We can aliquot all matrices into any volume. Samples can be boxed as panels upon request, so that each box contains an aliquot from all donors from your project.

What container are your products shipped in?

Large volumes are provided in bottles and centrifuge tubes, while smaller volumes can be provided in microcentrifuge tubes, cryovials, or assay plates.

Can you perform special filtration? Do you supply non-filtered material?

A standard 0.2u filtration is offered for all products. Additional membrane sizes are also available.

What anticoagulants can you use to collect blood samples?

Both blood and plasma samples can be collected with the anticoagulant of your choice and the use of specific vacutainers can be requested.

Can you collect and process the blood according to our protocol?

Yes, we can review your protocol and work with our laboratory team to customize the collection and processing of your samples.

Can we screen samples for validation?

Yes, we can provide representative samples from pools or individual donors while holding additional volume on reserve.

Can you provide multiple matrices or anticoagulant types from a single individual?

Yes, we can collect multiple matrices or anticoagulant types from a single donor or animal.

Can you draw samples at multiple time points from a single individual?

Yes, we can collect samples from the same donor or animal at multiple time points. Animals can be reserved for extended use for specific studies.

What additional processing options can you offer?

Processing options include:

  • Charcoal Stripping
  • Hemolysis Controls
  • Lipemia Controls
  • PBMC Isolations
  • Tissue Homogenization
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Complement Preserved
  • Defibrination
  • Delipidation
  • Dialyzed
  • Heat Inactivation
  • IgG stripping
  • Platelet Concentration
  • Platelet Removal
  • DNA and RNA extraction

Are your products of U.S. origin?

All our products are collected in the United States.   

What is the origin of the material you supply?

Our products are mainly sourced through BioreclamationIVT, although sourcing is available from different parts of the world via our Approved Supplier Process.  Our focus is to ensure high quality material and we will always provide details of origin and a Certificate of Analysis for all product purchased from us.  If you have a specific requirement regarding origin, we will take this into account when sourcing your material.