Frequently Asked Questions - Clinical and Patient Sample Collections

Can I request specific inclusion / exclusion criteria?

We can prospectively collect patient samples that meet your study requirements. Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria can be specified such as age, gender, disease stage, treatments, etc.

Are your clinical samples IRB approved in the US?

All clinical samples collected in the US are collected under IRB approved protocols.

Are all your human donors consented?

When required, all donors sign consent forms. Some sample types – such as remnant specimens – must be delinked per federal regulations in the US in order to maintain donor privacy, and thus consenting donors for these sample types are not possible.

Typically how much blood can you collect from a clinical patient?

We can generally collect up to 50 ml whole blood from each patient, however in some cases less volume may be drawn depending on the patient.

Can you ship a matched normal donor at the same time as my disease state samples?

Yes, we can schedule a normal control donor to be drawn at the same time as a clinical patient.

Can you ship samples on the same day of collection?

Yes, we can collect samples and have them couriered to our facility for processing and shipment on the same day of collection.

How big is your clinical network?

Our US division currently works with 70 physician sites, over 200 investigators, 3 hospitals and 4 remnant labs. Our network is growing every month as they add new specialties and capabilities.

Can you collect biological matrices other than blood?

Yes, our US division can easily collect saliva, urine, swabs, and other non-invasive biologicals. We can also provide sputum, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) , bronchial lavage, bone marrow and other specialty products. Biopsy tissue from some donor types can also be collected.

Can we see your current inventory of clinical specimens?

Yes, our clinical inventory is available on our clinical product page (click here), which is updated weekly. You can also contact us for a current report.

Can you prospectively collect samples for me if I cannot find them in your inventory?

Yes, we can prospectively collect samples. Our customer service team can work with you and our US division and clinical network to coordinate a new collection.

Can you send samples on a priority shipment?

Yes, our US division can collect samples and have them couriered for processing and shipping to us (or direct to the end user) as a priority.